• René Cobar

A Vessel within the Tempest: Writing for a Living.

A man inside the perfect storm, lost at sea, pouring rain, chill winds moving at high velocity, waves the size of mountains rising and curling, illuminated by thunder and lightning, roaring like hideous monsters and plunging him into the depths of the unknown—the world and me.

As a freelance writer today I can say that the above-described relationship has got a lot better lately, maybe this is the eye of the storm, but the waters are calm at the moment, and that is because I have a better sense of purpose today than I did a few years ago. Whether it is music, writing or any other type of creative expression, as artists, we are always searching for new ways to improve our craft and find the shores of financial stability and artistic fulfillment.

Those shores, however, can seem distant and despite all efforts, they become elusive. I know that is how I have felt at times as I see the world continuing to move, making it harder and harder to keep up with its changing moods. Technology and trends demand that we are one step ahead of their weather patterns to come out on top.

The endless information archived online today is both a blessing and a curse. Never before have we had access to all the valuable information we do now: a person in this day and age can learn to play guitar using YouTube, become a marketing specialist by reading blog posts, a sound engineer through some online courses, and a celebrity overnight by posting a single track on SoundCloud. The thought of such power is both inspiring and intimidating at once and it applies to so many things.

Currently, I work as a freelance copywriter, but I have also worked content mills—still do occasionally—and other ghostwriting type of gigs that not only do not pay well but don't do much to grow your name and brand. I parallel my experience as a writer with music because I identify with the struggle of exposure and the difficulties of getting noticed for the work you do in a sea of competitors.

Writer at heart. Photo by Angel Cobar.

All my life I have desired a voice, a platform, a place from where I could express myself truthfully and powerfully to others, a stage to perform in. From music to theatre to writing all these things have provided me with those elements I require to shape and deliver my messages. Yes, the world is filled with all types of information, but I can see that as I get closer to my dreams, the waters become less turbulent.

Three weeks in and this blog has become my little vessel within the tempest, the same that a song is to the musician, and a part is to the actor or canvas to the painter. Find your vessel and be inspired, take on the world as it comes to you, weather the storms and sail toward golden shores of fulfillment one day at a time.

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