• René Cobar

Brothers in Arms: Bonding through Music and Photography.

One of those journal-like posts here. It has been a difficult few weeks for all, to say the least, but amidst the constant uncertainty, we have all found ways to cope. For me, a return to this blog was natural, even if I cannot go out and interact with musicians like I would want to. Helping me bring this blog back to life has been my little brother once again, and already I can say it is looking quite polished. The secret is in the photography that has powered the blog from the start, and musicians surely can appreciate the power of a good photo. Over the last few weeks, my brother has been showing me some intricate lighting tricks that add some serious drama to any shot. Over a few beers here and there, we have been able to bond over music and photography in the same manner that originally sparked the genesis of this blog last year. A new printer has allowed us to look at some of the shots he has taken for this site in glossy prints, which is pretty damn cool and something we are excited to share with bands when the time comes. Print is a type of memory preservation that still has a place in modern photography, and we both strongly believe that.

Print magic. Photo by Angel Cobar.

A band's image is critical because it becomes organically connected to the sound the group delivers. Constantly polishing that brand becomes second-nature, and similarly, something like that has happened here. The minimalist look of the blog is meant to highlight that which I find so precious, which is the distinct style of photography my brother deploys. Soon enough, once things return to normal, I am excited to hit the town again to showcase a new batch of artists on here while promoting killer shots that we know bands can always use for promotion and other good things. There are surely different, better, or worse ways to pass the time these days, but a little writing, photography, and family bonding is alright with me. For bands looking for tips on how to get the most out of their image through photography, here is a link to a Spotify article I found quite interesting. Times are trying, but we will be back on the streets before we know it, snapping pics, talking music, and enjoying life as we used to do. Stay healthy, y'all!

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