• René Cobar

Eternal Something: A Love Story.

In 1994 the population of Austin TX was recorded at 544,292, and as of last year, that number is now 950,715 with an estimated 150 individuals relocating to the city each day. Within the bloom of America's fastest-growing city, and in between its beautifully decorated downtown streets, quaint suburban neighborhoods, and distinct musical venues, two individuals found each other and fell in love.

Gianna Cala-Smith (keys/vocals) and Jack Seybold (guitar/vocals) met four years ago while working as servers at a local restaurant and have since developed a relationship, that seemed to me at least, grounded in their love for music and one another. Having sat between the two outside of Beerland on a chilly Sunday night, I got a feeling that I was talking to a couple that understood everything going on around them, and was watching it unfold with blissful delight.

The duo had just finished deploying a web of harmonic chords and dreamy vocals that had caught the listeners of the dive bar, and slowly pulled them into their world. Within that world, Jack's Fender Jazzmaster and Gianna's Yamaha DX7 were seamless in their delivery of brilliant echoes that intertwined with the couple's vocals and created a state of absolute harmony, a beautiful understanding between machines and people.

Gianna Cala-Smith enchants the audience. Photo by Angel Cobar.

"Mixing the drums is nerve-wracking because you never know how they will turn out live," Jack told me after I asked him what it was like to play without a rhythm section "Jack is a DIY kind of guy," Gianna reassured him over my shoulder. The drums, by the way, were fantastic but what impressed me most about their performance was the confidence they showcased, expressing their emotions through music and seemingly taking on the world together.

"Austin used to be a simple town, and it is not so simple anymore," Gianna told me about the growing city that has seen large companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple set up camp and change the rhythm of the town. Their first EP, Bloom City, profoundly touches upon those observations and reinforces the importance of unity and love through change.

Jack Seybold weaves the dream. Photo by Angel Cobar.

Now in their mid-twenties, Jack is currently in school studying economics and works as a freelance transcriber while Gianna works as a freelance model, both use the band as a way of spending more time with one another. When I asked them where they want to go with this band, Jack surely replied: "We hope to change along the way, to keep evolving and giving people new sources of music."

Eternal Something, as the duo is called, released their second EP Realm//Zone today to the nearly one million inhabitants of ATX and listeners far beyond. The record is just as light-hearted as they promised it would be and is mixed wonderfully. Twenty-five years, thousands of people and a changing city couldn't keep them apart, and I doubt anything ever will. As I slowly began to fade into the background, their answers seemed to pass right through me, eventually rendering me invisible, and it was beautiful.

"I love seeing what we become together," Gianna said. Jack smiled, and the blooming city disappeared around them.

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