• René Cobar

Happy to Listen: The Perfect EPK.

The perfect electronic press kit does not exist, but that should not stop you from trying (and/or reading this post). Over the last year, I've had one or two musicians reach out to me with polite requests for additional exposure and tips on how to get more, and I, having been in their spot once before, am always happy to assist. An electronic press kit is an essential tool for any musician looking to get their brand noticed, yes their brand not just their band. Let's dive into a few things that make for one that is sure to be noticed.

The Electronic Press Kit

Electronic press kits are an artist's resume, an easy-to-find page that not only includes your music but also your entire message and brand. This tool can help you stand out and certainly conveys a strong sense of professionalism. Often a band website can double as an EPK, and there are plenty of web developing service sites that can help you build one.

Why an EPK?

PR firms and music journalists comb through potentially hundreds of emails a week from both bands and representatives, and what they need most is quick and polished information. Who is in the band? What kind of music do they play? What do they sound like and where are they from? There is so much to take in so quickly, and if you make their job easier, you can reap the benefits of a good write-up. An electronic press kit is a great way to send a direct signal of information emphatically.

Happy to listen. Photo by Angel Cobar.

What to Include:


The first thing your site should have is your music. You could have a few tracks on there or a full record (as professional a recording as you have available). These tracks should be immediately visible, on the site. You can also anchor the playlist somewhere on the home page, this makes the music easy to find, with a simple click of a button. Several web development sites, like WIX, possess these features and music streaming too.

The Band Message

This can be a short bio that includes where your band is from, who is in it, what kind of music you play, and what you hope to achieve with that music if you have gotten that far. This is the perfect way for you to pitch to a journalist why out of the many submissions they receive, he or she should stop to listen and write about you.


Good photos help both put a face to the group as well as give the kit a serious tone (particularly if the photos are quite professional). From live photos to studio shots, they can all add color to your profile, and sure do help when an article is to be written about you since the journalist can request to use them or credit the photographer when needed.

Tour Dates and Press

Here is where you show that you are an active band that is worth covering. Most publishers I have talked to advise to skip coverage of any artist that does not have at least one show lined up in the near future. Keeping active is essential, and good press always helps too. A few quotes and links to previous articles written about you can show that you are a group that magazines should not miss out on.

Check Them Out

Here is an example of a great press kit for musicians to check out. I'm always happy to listen to groups that put in the work and are serious about the brand they are creating. Always happy to help with whatever info I have as well. Craft your resume with care, and you will see results, of that I have no doubts.

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