• René Cobar

Home Sweet Home: A Music Journalism Passion.

Wow, it is good to be home! This blog honestly does feel like home, and it has been a long five months away from it. But it should be noted that those months have not been a waste, the complete opposite actually: the last five months have been a craft-sharpening affair indeed. Music journalism has so far proven to be a passion difficult to shake, and as I spend time with family at home, I cannot help reflect on how it is helping me grow. Here is what I have been up to:

Journalism Close to Home

Since the start of my internship last summer at Deli Magazine, I was made editor of the New England section, where I have been listening to and meeting some wonderful artists from my neck of the woods. Growing up in Salem, NH, I never imagined I would feel as connected to the area as much as I do now. Shining a light on up-and-coming artists is exactly what I set out to do when I started this blog, and boy has it been rewarding.

Albums, Albums, Albums

Mxdwn, a must-read magazine, blessed me with the opportunity to review indie-rock albums for them. The chance to listen to the latest albums by fantastic artists like The Coathangers and Ty Segall has helped me become a better listener, and a sharper critical thinker, in a world where various music genres demand it. Not all my reviews were nice; all were a pleasure to write.

Festival Days, Festival Nights

Chicago Innerview has been covering the Chicago music festival scene for the better part of this century. Thanks to them, I found out about such artists as White Reaper and Maggie Rogers before they became mainstream acts. The magazine covers Pitchfork Music Festival, Lollapalooza, and Riot Fest. Because the magazine is primarily print, I got to see my work inside their glossy pages.

The journey continues. Photo by Angel Cobar.

The Big Guns

While I hope to get an opportunity to write for more major publications, Earmilk was one of those for sure. The magazine is an indie behemoth that is a must-be-in for any up-and-coming artist. The sheer volume of writers and fantastic, very hard-working, PR firms is to be respected. The magazine is sure to keep growing both in the U.S. and Europe, and I am privileged to have my work there.

Stompbox Madness

Deli Magazine has a pedal blog titled Delicious Audio, and from time to time, I write there as well. Not only does it showcase the latest guitar pedals hitting the market, but it also has interviews with artists about the gear that makes them unique, something I have written about here before. Stompboxes are attractive to all guitar players; writing about them is a skill I cherish.

Work in Progress

No doubt my journey is just beginning, and I am much a work in progress, but these magazines have blessed me with the opportunity to learn and sharpen my skills as a music journalist. As I return to this blog, I feel prepared to apply those things I have learned to upcoming pheatures and more. Check out some of my clips in the new "Portfolio" page here.

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