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Lioness Arising: Löwin Is Ready to Roar.

You wouldn't have it any other way—a showcase of Austin's local musicians, by the editors of Austin's most popular blogs, for the music-worshiping masses on a misty Sunday afternoon. The Austin Town Hall vs. Side One Track One event was everything that local music scenes should cherish: exposure, enjoyment, and support for one another. As indie rockers Löwin took the outside stage of Hotel Vegas and me my place at the front of the crowd, it all became clear; this is Austin, TX, today and forever.

Löwin's breezy guitar licks and steady beats laid the perfect foundation for lead singer Sara Houser's vocal melodies which soared above the crowd like white doves released for a real celebration of music. The uplifting songs had the audience moving, enjoying themselves, and paying little to no attention to the light rain falling. When the set had concluded the celebration was in full force, and there was still so much more to come.

Jud is grooving. Photo by Angel Cobar.

"We want our songs to be lyrically and melodically driven," said Sara about the group's new album Heavy as the Sun which was recorded in Austin, was mastered by Max Lorenzen, and is now available on all major platforms. Songs like "Ghost of Mine" and "Hard to Love" are perfect examples of the type of quick tempos, alternating crunchy-clean guitar riffs, and fuzzy basslines that the quartet deploys with expertise.

The three gentlemen alongside the lady—Michael Sanders (guitar), Nathan Ribner (bass), and Jud Johnson (drums)—continue the trajectory of this fantastic group which was formed by Houser in 2014 and is now stronger and more committed than ever. Löwin (German for lioness) has a SXSW showcase this Friday at Friends Bar. The spirits are high, and the energy level is at one hundred, so there is no doubt they will roar.

Indie rock at its best. Photo by Angel Cobar.

Success means being able to focus solely on music as Sara explained: "I would like to not work three jobs just to be in a band." The group is releasing the record on vinyl soon and is hoping for a warm reception to it. Balancing both work and gigs can be difficult indeed but their hard work seems to be paying off and Sunday's performance is the perfect reference.

Michael shreds. Photo by Angel Cobar.

"We are old enough to be a preschooler," Michael hilariously said about the band's age, which is no surprise as previous entries in this blog have shown that Austin bands are relentless in their pursuit of success and are passionate to the core. Events like this past Sunday's bash honor that passion and pay tribute to the city, to the people, and the music.

Listen to Heavy as the Sun here.

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