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Listen to Your Heart: Music as a Love Language.

The concept of music as a universal mode of expression and communication is nothing new, having been researched by countless outlets worldwide. One source, in particular, introduced a word into my vocabulary that is burning there still: Prosody - the patterns of stress and intonation in a language. It is in these fiery patterns where music as a universal love language is born, and where this post finds its genesis.

Psychology Today says the following in the above-mentioned riveting piece: “Listen in on a conversation in French or Japanese or some other language you don’t speak. You won’t understand the content, but you will understand the shifting emotional states of the speakers. We understand this exchange in a foreign language because we know what it sounds like in our own language. Likewise, when we listen to a piece of music, either from our culture or from another, we infer emotion on the basis of melodic cues that mimic universal prosodic cues.” In other words, music can help us understand another in the most intimate of ways, or in the least, serve as a conductor for powerful energy shifts.

Trading music with loved ones then becomes an excellent form of expression that can say what the sender isn’t ready to say, or is discovering at the time, and if all goes well, the receiving party will join in on that discovery process. Just as sound and mood can influence with soothing chords that linger or beats that ignite joyful dance moves, lyrics too have their place in helping express with elegance what in our hearts is truest. In poetry, there is already a music undertone, that when combined with our understanding of language and intonation, makes for a sweet, mighty amalgam meant to deliver clarity and devotion.

Love curators. Photo via selfie.

So, with the countless weapons that media provides for such expressions, that is to say, Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and more, there really should be no wonder as to why we choose music as a primary form of communication. Last year, Speed Magazine did an article on the beauty of sharing playlists with loved ones and said the following: “Apart from sharing music, there are many other new love languages arising like tagging your friends in meme posts. Old-fashioned folks might find it weird to call these new-age methods love languages. But if this is how you show affection to others, who’s to say they aren’t.”

The world as we know it is changing, but our desire to express our emotions forthrightly and without fear remains as unchanged as ever. Whenever you feel that life is not long enough to say all you adore of someone else, remember this: music can provide words of affirmation through lyrics, tranquility during quality time, the perfect gift, and if you play, the perfect act of service, and best of all, a killer spice for the bedroom.

Oscar Wilde will take it from here:

“You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.”

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