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Mission Accomplished: KVRX Fest Was a Solid Hit.

KVRX put on a fantastic event last Saturday. The student-run radio station at The University of Texas defied the odds by staging the largest college-radio-station music festival to date. Cheer Up Charlies and Symphony Square played host to local and national acts such as Blushing, Fat Tony, Frankie Cosmos, Drab Majesty and more. For two days KVRX Fest thrilled audiences with its choice of performers, merchandise stands, raffles, and their well-organized food stands courtesy of Torchy's Tacos.

KVRX Fest was a beautifully inclusive event that promoted diversity both in its attendance and in the acts themselves. There was music for everyone as a plethora of genres were showcased: from indie to hip-hop, if you had a preference you could find it at the festival. The atmosphere was laid-back inside both venues and traveling from one to the other easy as can be (just a block away from each other). As far as staging the event is concerned, the road for KVRX was not so simple though.

The radio station had to switch venues one week before announcing the festival; it was also not taken too seriously by places in town, possibly due to them being student-run. Cheer Up Charlies and Symphony Square stepped up and knocked it out of the park with a friendly staff, great drinks and food, and all you have come to expect from these two established venues. Because everything was well taken care of, the music proved to be the focus, as it should always be the case.

I enjoyed the soulful vocals of Vonne, the flowing verses of Abhi The Nomad, and the intense noise-rock of Xetas—all three acts from Austin, Texas. My sister came with me to the festival, and we had a great time discussing the music and enjoying the food. Everything was splendid; there was not anything else I could have asked for in terms of experience. The sense of community was strong, and that is what ATX is all about.

Saturday afternoons/evenings don't get much better than this event here, and the same goes for student-run events in general. Here is to hoping we see many more festivals from the radio station in the years to come, starting with next year perhaps? Let's hope so because this year was a hit.

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