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Nothing More and Nothing Less: Brotherly Love.

Nothing in life is ever quite like we picture it; sometimes it's even better. Over the last couple of weekends, I have had an absolute blast working on this blog and already have met some fantastic musicians along the way. Perhaps above all else, I have enjoyed the company of my brother Angel, who has been snapping most of the great photography you see on this website. It occurred to me that we have not introduced ourselves and its a gloomy and laid back Austin afternoon so why not now?

My name is Rene Cobar, and my brother is Angel Cobar, we are four years apart and share a passion for the arts. I studied creative writing/theatre at New England College in New Hampshire, and he studied communications media with a concentration in film and video production at Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts. We love what we do, and while over the last eight years we have lived apart we are finally in the same city and can share experiences like this one.

Angel never misses a shot. Photo by Angel Cobar.

Me being new to Austin, my brother has taken the time to show me bars to frequent, the amazing barbecue spots and the historic sites that make this city great. He even got me boxing with him again, and well so far my head seems to be working alright. It's a beautiful thing to have family around, supporting, motivating, and loving you as you chase your dreams.

Angel spends his free time working on films with friends and taking shots of Austin and beyond. In a way, this blog is an ode to the fantastic work he does and the passion he puts behind it. As a freelance writer, I take my job seriously too, and I hope to continue growing this blog and allowing local musicians to have a powerful voice in their community. If you see us hanging around at your show, don't be shy and talk to us.

What drives us forward are the dreams we dare to realize, nothing more and nothing less.

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