• René Cobar

Phasing Your Instincts: The Perfect Storm That Is Shutterr.

Energy and environment interact in a disorderly fashion, they are an eternal supercell thunderstorm that can surround us and modify us, our patterns of behavior born from the deep rotating updrafts. Each instinctive response birthed is then accompanied by experimental processes, and their influence dominates our personality and exerts an undeniable hunger for more of that which is now necessary—On a Sunday night, I found three men playing music in the middle of that storm.

For JD Salazar (guitar/vocals) and Isaiah Shankar (bass), it was just another night shredding their instruments with vicious skill and automatic determination in front of a crowd. They met in a second-grade classroom and developed as musicians, friends, and men over the years; another show here another show there just all part of the ride. Trent Wilburn (drums) stumbled into this cyclone named Shutterr two years ago and found himself right at home, possessed by the music.

Trent Wilburn is feeling it. Photo by Angel Cobar.

What was striking about the three men wasn't only the ease with which they masterfully blended punk rock and shoe-gaze, but how completely unaware they were of it. "Be kind we'll see how this goes," JD said to the crowd of thirty in a timid and laid back voice shortly before he and his bandmates instinctively unleashed a monstrously powerful song filled with crunching and phasing chords, tremor-inducing drum fills and distorted bass solos that had the crowd nodding in approval.

It occurred to me as I spoke with the Austin-based group outside after their set that their easy-going attitude is a sign of their worth. Despite juggling full-time jobs and having released a single demo two years ago the band is not lacking in confidence, they are sure where they want their music to go and have plans to release more tunes before SXSW. Isaiah will soon be moving three and a half hours away to Galveston, but that won't keep the group from releasing music and showcasing their talent.

Isaiah Shankar is thunder. Photo by Angel Cobar.

"We want to be loud without compromising tone," JD said to me when I asked him what drove their sound. If being heard is what Shutterr wants then I do not doubt that they will accomplish that. Their music calls to you from a place far removed from wherever you may be listening, a voice that demands you trust your instincts and give in to the influences that drive you forward.

I don't know to what extent mechanical behavior can be modified, it may or may not be able to change. As I listened to Shutterr's song "Gone" live at Beerland on Sunday night, they argued for the latter as they brewed the perfect chaos of beauty, power, pleasure, survival, and discovery. Music is what they know, and there is no stopping them. When a storm approaches all you can do is get out of the way.

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