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A few days before his 27th birthday a young white Alabama man took a leap of faith and transformed music forever. The son of poor tenant farmers, this youth picked cotton side-by-side with African Americans, listened to the vocalizations that would come to embody the blues, and knew then that it was music that needed to be heard—in 1950 Samuel Cornelius Phillips opened Sun Studio in Memphis, TN and pushed to feature African-American musicians on the radio.

For a few years, in a very much segregated environment, Sam battled to broadcast African-American music to no avail. Facing debt and hostile threats, Sam soldiered on until he met a handsome young truck-driver who would become his catalyst, his barrier-breaker, his savior—on a summer day in 1954 Sam Phillips recorded Elvis Presley's cover of Arthur Crudup's song "That's Alright," and nothing was ever the same again.

We are listening.

The next great artist of our time is working at your local grocery store, delivering your packages, or shining your shoes just waiting to be heard, waiting for their story to be told. Pheature Rockstar is a month old today and I wanted to celebrate the occasion by unveiling the new logo which I can only hope in time will become a recognized symbol of appreciation for music of all genres and musicians of all colors and walks of life.

The logo's simple white and black text is an ode to the simplicity of small record labels who give fringe artists an opportunity to shine, give back to their communities and provide musicians with the hope that someone, somewhere is listening. I am excited to see what the next eleven months will bring as I have already had the pleasure to interview amazing artists and I am sure many more will come. A big thank you to all those who have granted me their time and who have trusted me with their story.

Let's keep it going!

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