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Reflection and Relaxation: Turning Thirty.

This weekend was all about reflection and relaxation. I spent the last couple of days listening to my favorite tracks, finishing a book and starting a new one, going out to dinner with family, and just generally enjoying all the wonderful blessings in my life. Yours truly turned thirty last Thursday, and as much as it was cause for celebration, it also called for reflection. Upon examining the previous decade of my life, I stumbled upon a word that will forever define it: satisfaction.

At the age of twenty-one, I got the lead role in a school play, and it changed my life forever because it showed me that anything was possible. I was a timid and insecure kid when I turned up to my first theatre class and was asked to read an excerpt from a script out loud; I believe it was from Robert Anderson's 1968 drama I Never Sang for My Father. I remember shaking uncontrollably and becoming emotional about the subject all at once; it was a surreal experience that would dictate the rest of my life.

Facing your fears. Photo by Blake Littell.

The mixture of fear, excitement, emotional resonance, and artistic expression contained within that single afternoon would lead me to fall in love with live performances both as a participant and spectator. That afternoon led me to that final role four years later, to play music on the stages of Las Vegas a few years after that, and now to my current pursuit of music journalism. Each goal achieved paving the way for the next and each step strengthening and reassuring my beliefs.

Along the way, I've had heartbreaks, failed numerous times, and even thought about quitting...everything. Still, I persevered and made many dreams come true over the last ten years, completely satisfied with each one. I appreciate all the musicians who are out there, on the battlefield, working their fingers and vocal cords to dust to amplify their message as loud as possible. The artists who are willing to put everything on the line to come out on top, they deserve all the credit they get.

The next decade is sure to be an exciting one filled with more discoveries and experiences. At such a young age I have been blessed to have experienced all the beautiful things I have and must thank my friends and family for their continuous support and appreciation. The weekend is over now, and it is time to get back to work.

Rock on!

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