• René Cobar

Winter's Demise: Lizzie Karr the Spring Queen.

Picture a small spring garden, blossoming to the rhythm of thumping basslines, flamenco guitar solos, and steady snare hits. Music that lights up the surroundings and warms the spectators of its bloom, in the middle of it all a crowned spring queen conquers and vanishes winter with vocal melodies like flying white butterflies—that would be Lizzie Karr Friday night at the Whip In.

The fun and laid-back set Lizzie Karr (guitar/vocals) and her bandmates Bruno Vinezof (drums) Phillip Brush (bass/vocals) and Eddie Robbins (guitar/vocals) dished out at the packed convenience store/cafe hybrid was the perfect winter warmer that showcased yet again artists growing in front of a crowd, flowering with each song, and telling an inspirational story of a fear-conquering theme through music. In the midst of all the splendor stood a woman whose road to a commanding leading lady has not always been the easiest.

All fun and warm smiles. Photo by Angel Cobar.

"As a female musician I feel like I'm facing my fears all the time and I encourage other women to do the same," is what Lizzie told me after her set, reassuring me that her growth is constant from performance to performance. Lizzie's powerful voice, musical versatility, absolute confidence, and moving lyrics lay waste to the remnants of bouts with stage fright, disintegrating them with each song she composes, slowly fading them into the winds of sweet melody.

Letting no boundary stop her from achieving her dreams, Lizzie has traveled across various states, recorded with innumerable musicians, and always respected her process and craft. The beautiful musical stories Lizzie conceives pack the power of her character: "It's a personal mash-up of images, I feel like I have an excess of feelings, so that's what drives me," Lizzie explained with a smile on her face.

Dancing the night away. Photo by Angel Cobar.

Lizzie hopes to continue recording this year and working with friend and producer Gawain Mathews to finish her new album. In the meantime, Lizzie is pursuing studies in film and media and, of course, wants to keep performing in Austin and beyond. Genuine attitude and humility are two powerful weapons in the music business which Lizzie blooms with; they are sure to take her very far.

The coldest and darkest winters will still make way for the most yellow of hyacinths, the richest crimson roses, and the most delicate white jasmines. Every story has its seasons of splendor and beauty, each flower its bloom in day or night, each winter its demise—Lizzie Karr conquering her fears is a testament to that.

Listen to her touching track "On a Good Day" and more here!

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