• René Cobar

Your Music. Your Film. Your Story.

Being in a band is a series of pictures in motion. The highest aspirations and most profound secrets of each member are a film laid out on stage for all to see. Each rehearsal, gig, and band meeting is wound into the guitar riffs, basslines, drum fills, and falsettos of the music they create, this makes their story rich and singularly their own.

For two years four misfits took up their instruments and played the various stages of their home city; sacrificing everything they had to do so: dropping school, family, relationships, job promotions, and much more, all for twenty-five minutes in front of a dozen people once or twice a month. Sound familiar? I figured it would.

Passion: red, fiery, explosive, eternal, and often unnoticed. Completely unnoticed a band can form, create a repertoire of heartfelt songs, promote their material across multiple platforms, and then, just as quickly, they can disband with little to nothing to look back on.

Rockstars in motion. Photo by Alana Ann.

If you had asked me what I would have wanted beyond anything else back when I was lugging my instrument around in the smoldering Las Vegas heat, I would have said: "For someone to tell our story." We all want to feel like someone is there when only five people turn up to the gig or rehearsal ends up in a fight—when the lights don't shine so bright.

Pheature Rockstar is for those musicians that dare to dream, that drive from one end of the city to another for a one-hour rehearsal, have bruises on their legs from hauling their equipment, and have forgotten to bring power strips to a gig once or twice. Each sacrifice is a precious film-strip that winds in the reel of your story. You are not alone, trust that.

This blog will PHEATURE local artists from all across the country, starting right here at home in Austin, TX while also providing information about upcoming shows, reviews of venues, records, and more. Your vision, funky personality, deep groove, and true vulnerability will be the blood that runs through the veins of this photo-driven publication.

Stay tuned!

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